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Victoria Gate Casino – Bingo Rules of Play (the “Rules”) consist of:

General Rules of Play (Rules which are common to all of the Bingo products and services we offer)


Specific Rules of Play (Rules which are specific to a particular Bingo product or service we offer)

All Rules form part of the General Casino Rules, which are accepted by you when you visit the casino or join the loyalty scheme. To the extent there is any inconsistency between any of the General Casino Rules or any of the Rules, then the General Casino Rules shall prevail.

We reserve the right to amend our Rules. However, we will make reasonable efforts to ensure that any significant changes to them will be notified to you via a prominent notice posted in the reception area 7 days prior to their being imposed. It remains your responsibility to periodically check the Rules to ensure that you continue to agree with them. Once you play a game, you will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Rules.


These are the rules common to each of the bingo products or services we offer.

1. Before Play

1.1 Prior to the beginning of any session, the Company will use its commercially reasonable endeavours to ensure that all gaming equipment is fully functional. Such obligations remain subject to the Liability provisions contained within our General Casino Rules.

1.2 Prior to the commencement of each game, the Caller will:

  • announce which page is in play (for example, which “book”, “flyer” or other “ticket”); and
  • which line, lines or full house (or any other combination) has to be completed to win.

1.3 The charge to play, including any participation fee, is prominently displayed at the main book selling point, contained as part of the notice detailing the charges levied for all games.

1.4 It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that at the time of purchase they are in possession of all the tickets they believe they have bought. For the purpose of verification of any Claims, as set out in paragraph 4.1 below, the claiming Customer must actually be in possession of the relevant ticket. We will not enter into discussion in respect of any potential prize that may or may not have been won where a Customer makes a Claim in relation to a ticket that they do not physically possess at the time they make the Claim.

2. During Play

2.1 When play begins, each number will be selected at random by means of a random number generator (“RNG”). Customers must mark their cards in such a way that the numbers are sufficiently legible to be easily verifiable, allowing us to check them beyond dispute. Any dispute will be subject to the procedures set out in the General Casino Rules.

2.2 For the assistance of Customers, the numbers called are repeated on monitor screens automatically by the equipment. In the event of a discrepancy between a number announced by the Caller and that illuminated on the indicator board, the actual number produced by the RNG and displayed on the Caller’s device screen shall prevail.

2.3 In the event that a customer requests a re-check of the numbers called, the caller will not perform this (unless there are exceptional circumstances) after 10 numbers have been called or after the single line is checked, whichever is first.

3. Stopping The Game

3.1 The point at which the next number is deemed to have been called will be the moment the Caller has commenced to call that number or to give a description of that number in any degree including words descriptive of its colour or position. Once a number has been started, it will be completed and that number will become the last number called. The winning card must contain the last number called as part of the advertised/announced winning sequence. Once a prize has been correctly validated another number is required to be called before an additional winning sequence can be accepted.

3.2 No further Claim for a prize (a “Claim”) will be accepted for a line, or two lines (or other combination) once the next number has been called. No further Claims will be accepted for a full house after the reset button has been activated and the Random Number Generator set for the next game.

3.3 It is the responsibility of each player to stop the Caller before the next number is started. A player is responsible for ensuring the caller stops the game on their winning number by giving a loud clear verbal shout or by using any alerting device as agreed by the casino, e.g. claim button, a whistle, a bell, etc. Failure to stop the caller on the winning number will render the claim invalid. Victoria Gate Casino does not take responsibility for the malfunction of any provided claim button.

3.4 Where games are called by an auto-caller, the next number is deemed as having been started at the point that the number is generated. Generated means the next number is displayed, even though it may not have been called.

3.5 Prize money will only be paid to the person playing and stopping the game.

4. Claiming The Prize

4.1 When a Claim is made, the Customer must produce their book or card for verification. We also reserve the right to require production of a valid identification. If a Customer fails to do so within a reasonable period of time (which shall be deemed to be five minutes, unless special circumstances otherwise dictate), the right to any prize for that Claim will be forfeit. In accordance with the General Casino Rules, additional documentation may be required prior to the actual payment of any winnings.

4.2 If books are being used, then these must be intact upon checking a Claim unless the books in play contain a serial number on every ticket. Where books are sold as part of a package, these books may not be torn into any other combination without authorisation from the Company or their representative.

4.3 The Caller will determine the Claim, announce their decision and display the appropriate details of the winning ticket. If they reject the Claim, they will endeavour to obtain the Customer’s agreement to that decision. The reason for the Claim’s rejection will be announced. Any dispute will be subject to the procedure set out in the

General Casino Rules.

4.4 In the case of a special game for a prize (not cash) provided by the Company, the Caller will announce before the game the procedure to be adopted in the event of more than one winner sharing the prize.

4.5 In the event of multiple winners on a cash game, the prize money shall be shared equally.

4.6 In the event of a mechanical malfunction however caused, or any other circumstance which results in a duplicate or incorrect game tickets being issued (either paper or electronic) resulting in multiple or duplicate claims, all entitled claimants will equally share the declared prize.

4.7 Employees of the Company are not permitted to play. Immediate family members of the management team are not allowed to play. In addition, the immediate family members of the Caller or host of any particular game (main session and other games) are not entitled to participate in that game.

4.8 The Management reserve the right to withdraw guarantees in the event of attendances being reduced by circumstances reasonably beyond their control.


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