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Casino War

At the beginning of each game each player must make a casino war wager. To win the primary wager, the rank of the player’s card must exceed the rank of the player/dealer’s card.

If the player and dealer’s cards have the same rank the player is given the option to go to war with the dealer.

The player must make another bet equal to their primary wager to exercise the war option, the dealer also matches the player’s primary wager and places it next to the player’s.

The dealer then burns three cards and deals a single card to the player(s) and then themselves.

If the player’s card has a higher rank than the dealer’s card then the player wins the war.

If the player’s card has a lower rank than the dealer’s card, the player loses. If the player and the dealer’s cards are of equal rank on the war the player wins the war.

The winner of the war collects all the money on the table and the dealer starts a new game.

If the player chooses not to war with the dealer, he or she may opt to surrender half their primary wager.

In addition to the primary wager, the player may elect, prior to any cards being dealt, to make a tie wager. To win the tie wager, the ranks of the player and the player/dealer’s cards must be equal.

Winning wagers shall be paid as follows:

  • A primary wager shall be paid at odds of 1-1
  • A tie wager shall be paid at odds of 10-1.
  • A war wager shall be paid at odds of 1-2, unless the war deal results in a tie hand, in which case a war wager shall be paid at odds of 1-1.


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