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Electronic Roulette

If a busy live table isn’t for you, or you just want to learn how to play by practising on your own first, try one of our electronic roulette tables. Here’s how to play.


If a busy live table isn’t for you, or you just want to learn how to play by practicing on your own first, try one of our Electronic Roulette tables. Here’s how to play.


When you’ve chosen your machine, buy in credit using cash to start the fun. Your balance will show on the screen and you’re ready to play. Choose a Roulette wheel to play by touching the screen – the wheel could be one of our live tables from around the casino or an automated one.

Next select your chip value and place it on your chosen number using the touchscreen. You can either place it on the main layout, or the neighbour bet racetrack. If you have any questions one of our friendly team will be happy to help you.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can also add more chips and increase your bets by touching the same area again.


The terminal will tell you when it’s time to place your bets, then for the exciting part! The wheel will spin on the main screen to reveal which number has won. If it’s your number, you win and get the same odds as the live tables – which will be added to your credit. Then it’s time to play again.


When you’ve finished playing you can cash out your winnings by touching the ‘main menu’ button and choosing ‘cash out’. You’ll then get a printed ticket that you can either cash in at the Cash Desk, redemption terminals, or place in any other electronic gaming terminals.


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